To feel in oneself the resonance of each drawing, to be the “listening ear” to the meanings and to be diligent to the comprehension that each symbol is of the greatest importance. This is the art of “drawing the Tarot”.   D.Didier

The Tarot is an immemorial knowledge recognized in all ages for its reality and effectiveness. That is the reason why it is used.
It is sustained, like other great knowledge, such as Yi King or XXX in other cultures, by a representation of different seasons and different stages through which things and beings go through in their evolution and in the different conceptual and existential domains that they are given to live.
It is, therefore, a very important source of knowledge and deep reflection that gives access to archetypes as the same source of “knowledge and reflection.”

THE TUM (Universal Tarot of the Masters)

The Universal Tarot of the Masters is a tarot that is in the line of the great tarots, like the Tarot of Marseille…whose structure allows the usage as a support of consciousness or the possibility of taking consciousness of situations in its different components and factors that will be evolutionary factors.
This is what allows the readings, as the readings are explained while being used. They are, therefore, a very useful contribution to the analysis of the moment, but also for projects in time.

This teaching, such as it has been given, offers truly for the first time the chance to activate the reality of the Tarots in its dimension, in its depth and its highly operative usage. It allows every one, if the instructions are precisely followed, the chance to have a concrete and structured input, and a use in one’s own evolution which can be an essential accompaniment.

It is, thus, for the first time, an approach that truly reveals the dimension of Tarots, and their use. An approach that can allow each one, even the neophytes, in a dozen lessons, to acquire an effective mastery and a truly effective, instructive and productive use of this instrument that has always accompanied men.