About TUM

The source of Tarot remains mysterious, the majority of the traditions claiming the origin. The image and the symbols are universal, they have a supremacy over languages, they do not necessitate any translation. The archetypal interpretation is translated by the author who, herself, grasps it from the source. Everyone can give his/her own by their feeling and the level of one’s own spiritual and humanist evolution.

The word Tarot could have innumerable correspondences. Tarot could come from the word «rota» (the wheel).

The most ancient known draw with 22 major cards was made over the representation of a wheel. The wheel, the sphere, and the circle have the most perfect forms in the universe, like planets and celestial bodies. The Big Bang’s origin itself is a point.This is perhaps not without reason that in the manuscripts from the Hebrews during the early Middle Ages, the ten Sephiroth are represented in a circle.
The Torah and the 22 Hebrew letters (magic numbers of the cards) could have been support for the essence of the tarot.
Thus was developed a whole Kabbalistic symbology of the tarot.
This name also could come from Tao, which the signification is the spiritual way, the progression of Being, the absolute order. Tar and Ro in Egyptian mean «the Royal path.» In Sanskrit, Tar-o means «the star». Many authors are inspired from the ancient Tarot and have conceived it from Alchemy, Masonry, magic, or Astrology (the 22 houses each having a correspondence with the 22 major cards).

Why the «Universal Tarot of the Masters?»

To go back through the image and the symbols to the archetypal source of this teaching and of all creation in the universe. So the interpretation of each card, or of a drawing will be on the desired level: universal or personal. We easily understand the goal of a divinatory drawing. You will be able to do it with this tarot, but the Universal Archetype will allow you to put yourself in harmony with the «principial» energies and Archetypes.