Symbolic Interpretation

Eve-Anastasia incarnates femininity and beauty in her appearance and inner beauty (a young blond woman with long hair). She is dynamic and determined (red baggy pants). She incarnates spirituality, softness, intelligence (blue djellaba) and opening for the Collective (blue and green scarf on her head). She is sitting under a palm tree by the seaside. The palm tree is a symbol of protection, of happiness and of sweet life. Her feet rest on a black Moon (unconsciousness and the transmuted past). She is surrounded by dolphins. These mammals are the most intelligent of marine animals, they tell us that the element Water is support to all communication.

Divinatory Interpretation

This card can represent a young consultant. You will have to take the reins in your hands to restore a situation. Take initiatives, they will be beneficial. The pleasure to seduce will be positive. Your creations will be acknowledged. A trip to do. Maternity.

The Yin, the Cosmic Mother. The receptacle of life, the waves of form

Principal Archetype, Golden Cup

The Golden Cup, work on oneself
The memory of the Weft. Visualize this beautiful cup, feel its shape and perceive between your hands, the Yin wave of form of this cup on The Other Side. This cup is an Archetype. It is alive in its wave of form and all the cups of the World, intellectually designed and built by man, have come out of their archetypal source. The man merely “reveals”, positively or negatively, what he captures, according to the nature of his prism.

The Golden Cup, divinatory:
A woman will have a great positive influence on you. Femininity, motherhood. The desire to be fulfilled, to found a family.


The keyword: Beauty of the Creation.
Archetypal interpretation: Beautiful sense, «internal and external» vision. Artistic gifts and medium abilities. Affinity for aestheticism and refinement. Recognition of nature. Love and sharing. Conscience of the environment and respect for others. Children, love for children.