Symbolic Interpretation

This impetuous knight (Yang) , but initiated and conscious, charges with his white horse (purity) a rock (ordeals) which he will jump over without any problem.
This man is committed for the Collective and noble causes. He will overcome ordeals with rectitude and determination as he firmly holds the red reins. The orange sky represents action and courage.

Divinatory Interpretation

The Master Baucens is the card of immediate action. You will overcome all obstacles.

The Good and the Bad, Spirit and Matter

Principal Archetype, Baucens

The Baucens, works on himself:
What is good? What is bad? For whom? In which country?
There is nothing more subjective.
Better ask yourself: What is good for me and what can make me happy?
Examine your convictions, take note of them and understand their coherence and logic.

The Baucens, divinatory:
Knightly banner. The checkerboard. You will have to keep the flag held high and impose your point of view.


The keywords: The Self from Spirit, the power of the Sun as the Spiritual Monad.

Archetypal interpretation: The planet’s karma. Yang space. Spiritual light. Courage, engagement, dynamism, initiatives, concepts, studies, enterprises, immediate action, wheel of fortune, the desire to move forward.