The Weft

The Weft is the sixth element, the «Weft element.» The Chinese have revealed the 5 elements (Ether, Fire, Air, Water, Earth). The 6th element, the Weft, is what links everything to the Whole. The Weft bathes all and separates nothing. This element is invisible to our eyes but perceptible by our essence and our energetic sensation.
Prayer means, it is to send the best of yourself to the Other Side (the subtle planes that you do not see). One should transmit much love and offering to it. The more you pray, the more you will open spaces in yourself, and the the more you feel inhabited by divine presence you become the small flames of the divine conscience. One says, «There is the sacred fire,» it is an «inhabited person.» This is the expression of the internal Fire that must inhabit you.