Universal Archetypes

What is an Archetype?

An Archetype is at the same time the thought, the conceptualization, and the divine creation before and after the Creation. In other words, to understand the notion of a Universal Archetype, we must start from moment 1 of the Big Bang, this formidable explosion that contained «the Whole» before its de-multiplication1. If scientists cannot go back before this unique moment, we can conceive an anteriority to this, that is to say an Edenic space, an alchemical crucible where the divine tunes its measures before offering the grand concert of life. Thus each Archetype has stemmed from divine conceptualization, but will not become real until after the formation of the universe and its planetary systems where the kingdoms will play their scores, as they have been pre-conceived. Thus, the «Universal Tarot of the Masters» opens consciousness to other spaces more subtle in the Weft.


This drawing allows you to take consciousness of each Archetype contained in each of the cards that you will draw. In taking consciousness of their meanings (see Dictionary of the Archetypes, p191), in observing the resonance that it produces deep within yourself, you directly will be put in connection with their unitary source and you will open certain spaces inside yourself. It is this conscious communication that will bring you the solution and the lights that you are waiting for as well as the global interpretation of the card.